Revolution Begins in the Self build upon the works of women of color feminist who contest western thought, cosmology, and theories of relationships to ourselves, and the world around us. Believing that in order to sustain and create revolution, we must begin to fashion revolutionary selves this session seeks to use performance as a vehicle towards awakening our revolutionary selves. Moreover, this session will utilize writing and other performative text/creations to illuminate the importance of love in our quest towards equality, freedom, and wholeness.



Anger as Activism explores the productive usages of anger. Often an emotion which is evaded, categorized as negative, or typically avoided, anger when channeled can serve as an impetus and fuel to propel and sustain sucial justice initiated and movements. When properly channeled, anger can be a positive force for change, and a revelatory emotion which can unveil our deepest commitments and longings for social justice.



Building and Sustaining Critical Coalitions is an experience-based interactive workshop that uses artistic tools, including poetry, movement, and theater exercises, to challenge stereotypes, questions privilege, and illuminate the “dirty work” involved in creating and sustaining community towards social justice, particularly within and between student leaders, campus organizations, special interest and advocacy groups. Fundamental to this workshop is a rejection of political correctness, an approach which embraces tolerance. Instead, this workshop situates difference as a strength and complex force, which gives shape to our identities and interactions with the world as well as a necessary ingredient for creating positive social change. Participants will gain tools and methodologies for erasing boundaries and building bridges across different groups, including acknowledging and navigating structural inequities, particularly as related to race, gender, sexuality, and class.